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Wood Village, OR Lawn & Landscaping Services

Keep your lawn well-kept and protected year-round with our lawn and landscaping services.

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We provide lawn and landscaping services to the Wood Village, OR area.

Our services range from total landscape redesigns to a weekly mowing schedule.

Wood Village, Oregon sits close to the Oregon/Washington state line, just a few-minute drive from the Columbia River. This city provides a small-town feel in the middle of the large, metropolitan area of Portland. With many scenic parks and hiking trails close by like Round Lake, it's easy to spend a day outdoors enjoying the fresh air and the sounds of nature. When you're ready to liven up the evening, take a trip to downtown Portland and experience the many shops and award-winning restaurants.

We have been honored to provide the Wood Village community with professional lawn and landscaping services. Whether you own a commercial or a residential property in Wood Village, we can help you with things like fertilization, weekly mowing, landscape redesigns, and cleanup services.

Our Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

You can trust our company to take care of your lawn all year long. Our lawn care and maintenance services are flexible to meet the individual needs of our clients. For example, you can sign up for a one-time mow or a full, weekly mowing schedule! All of our services are meant to provide long-term health and great results. Our fertilization and weed control program will set your lawn up for success by feeding your soil exactly what it needs at any given time while eradicating weeds that are trying to steal away those nutrients. We can also trim and prune your plants and aerate your lawn to loosen up your compacted soil after a long summer of outdoor gatherings!

Redesign Your Landscape with Our Design & Installation Services

Our design team has the expertise to help you bring your vision into a reality. We listen to your ideas, wants, and needs and translate them into an artful design after considering principles such as symmetry, color balance, depth, proportion, and focal points.

Part of our design and installation services include mulch or rock installation, annual flowers, and sod installation. We can help you choose what options are the best for you, your landscape, and your lifestyle.

We provide overall landscape cleanups as well as leaf removal and invasive plant removal.

Yard cleanup and landscape renovation in Wood Village, OR.

Changing weather and seasons can take a toll on your lawn as it tries to survive year-round. We offer a variety of cleanup services to meet your needs, including seasonal cleanups in the spring and fall as well as overgrown cleanups, invasive species removal, and leaf removal.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to clean up a distressed landscape, we're your team. We will survey the area, remove any dead or invasive plants, treat the surviving plants, mow, and much more. Before you know it, your lawn will be as good as new. Seasonal cleanups are not as big of a job, however, we still provide many of the same services to get your lawn ready for the next season ahead.

Invasive species like Blackberry and Ivy are relentless plants that need to be removed safely and correctly to ensure that they do not grow back. Our crew can help you remove Blackberry and Ivy invasives so that they can no longer steal essential nutrients from your grass and native plants.

The Best Lawn & Landscaping Services in the Wood Village Area

Looking for one or several of the above services? We would love to help! Our company offers 5-star lawn and landscaping for homes and businesses in the Wood Village area, as well as other locations in and around Portland, OR. Give our office a call today at (971) 284-2035 to receive a quote!

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