Overgrown blackberry bushes on a Gresham, OR property.

Blackberry Removal In Portland, Beaverton, Milwaukie, & East Portland, OR Areas

We remove invasive Himalayan blackberry plants from your property to ensure they do not damage your other plants.

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Himalayan blackberry removal services for properties in Portland, Milwaukie, Beaverton, and nearby Oregon areas.

Removing invasive plants from your lawn ensures that your grass and landscape plants will be healthier and happier.

Before and after blackberry removal in Portland, OR.

If invasive plants such as Himalayan blackberry begin to invade your lawn, they can quickly take over without professional intervention. Our experts know the best way to control and remove Himalayan blackberry from your property. Keeping this plant off your property ensures that grass and landscape plants will be as healthy and happy as possible.

We remove this invasive plant at properties throughout the Portland, OR area, including cities such as Beaverton, Portland, Milwaukie, and other nearby communities.

How Himalayan Blackberry Can Negatively Affect Your Lawn

Upon first hearing the word blackberry, images of pie, smoothies, and other treats come to mind. However, there is a species of blackberry called Himalayan blackberry that is non-native to our state and can have detrimental effects on your lawn and landscaping if left unchecked.

Just like English ivy, Himalayan blackberry grows into thick patches that end up blocking your plants from getting sunlight. This thorny plant also creates a shallow root system that makes soil erosion more likely, especially when it grows along a river or stream.

Himalayan blackberry should not be confused for native blackberries, or trailing blackberries, which do not grow the same way and pose no danger to existing plants. If you aren't sure which type of blackberry you have in your yard, there are some visible differences between the two, which include:

  • Trailing blackberries grow along the ground, not in a thicket
  • Trailing blackberry stems are smooth with very small thorns, whereas Himalayan blackberry stems are reddish with larger thorns

At J&C Lawn Care, the staff provides Himalayan blackberry removal services to ensure these plants stay out of your Portland-area yard.

The Steps We Take to Remove Himalayan Blackberry

To completely remove Himalayan blackberry, it is not enough to just pull up the plants. The roots must be completely removed, otherwise, the plants can quickly grow back and you will find yourself in the same situation you were in before. When you hire us to remove this invasive blackberry, we will come to remove the plants and their root systems. In some cases, we may need to come back a few times to remove the entire invasion if it is a more severe case.

Do you have a problem with Himalayan blackberry growing on your property in Portland, OR? Call us to set up an estimate.

Close up photo focused on blackberry leaves in Milwaukie, OR

When Himalayan blackberry invades, do not wait to fix this problem. The longer you wait, the more severe the issue will become. Our experts will provide blackberry removal services to all types of properties throughout the Portland, OR area. We work in Beaverton, Portland, Milwaukie, and the nearby communities. If you aren't certain we can service your property, then ask us when you call (971) 284-2035 to set up an estimate!

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