Residential property in Gresham, OR with a healthy, fertilized lawn.

Gresham, OR Lawn Care & Restoration

Our expert lawn care team provides lawn maintenance, restoration, and much more to those in Gresham, OR and the surrounding areas.

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Lawn mowing and maintenance, mulch and rock installation, and more for residents and businesses in Gresham, OR.

Through our lawn maintenance and restoration services, our team keeps your lawn and landscape looking lush and full.

Gresham, OR is situated in Multnomah County and is home to more than 100,000 people. The city is filled with fun outdoor attractions and natural sites that residents love to frequent year-round. Residents enjoy visiting spots like Lacamas Lake and the Springwater Corridor Trail.

If you are located in Gresham or the surrounding regions, our team at J&C Lawn Care is available to provide lawn mowing and maintenance, mulch and rock installation, and much more for your property. Residents and businesses alike benefit from our lawn restoration services that keep their lawns and landscapes looking lush and full. Below, we have outlined the specific services that we offer and how they can benefit your outdoor living area.

Aeration and overseeding services help your grass establish robust roots and grow thicker.

Through aeration, our team creates tiny holes in your lawn. This method allows your grass better access to what it needs to grow, including water, nutrients, and carbon dioxide. It also establishes a more robust, stronger root system for thicker grass. Additionally, aeration repairs lawn damage and allows your grass to fight off weeds and pests.

We often recommend overseeding to be performed following our aeration services. Overseeding allows grass seed to grow more efficiently in freshly aerated lawns. With our aeration and overseeding services performed together, you will notice a drastic difference in your grass growth.

Fertilization Services for Lawns in Gresham, OR

Our aeration and overseeding services are usually only performed in late September or early October. To ensure your Gresham, OR lawn's year-round health and growth, our lawn care providers offer fertilization and weed control services. Our fertilizers are applied four times a year to aid in the optimal growth of your grass and ensure its equipped to ward off insects and weeds.

If your lawn falls victim to the infestation of English ivy or Himalayan blackberry, our landscape providers can implement special removal techniques that target these pesky invaders.

Lawn mowing is essential to your grass's long-term beauty and health.

Recently mowed lawn in Gresham, OR.

Your lawn must be properly cared for in order to guarantee its beauty and health for the long term. Depending on the current season, our landscapers create a mowing schedule to keep your grass at the proper height.

Our landscape maintenance services boost your Gresham property's curb appeal.

One way we boost your Gresham property's curb appeal is through our mulch and rock installation. We replenish your landscape beds to ensure they look good and can adequately support the plants on your property.

Clients also benefit from our yard cleanup and leaf removal services. Through these offerings, we remove excess yard debris from your yard and allow your grass and landscape plants to reach their full growth potential.

If your trees, hedges, or shrubs are overgrown or have diseased components, our trimming and pruning services can improve their health and aesthetic appeal.

Do you need fertilization, a yard cleanup, or another lawn care service for your property? Contact our team today.

We at J&C Lawn Care are proud to serve residential and commercial properties in Gresham, OR and the surrounding areas. Contact our team today at (971) 284-2035 for access to professional fertilization, yard cleanup, and other lawn care services.

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