A Portland, OR property in need of a blackberry cleanup.

Portland, OR Yard Cleanups & Projects

Fertilization, aeration, seeding, and leaf removal are just a few of the services our team performs for residents and businesses in Portland, OR.

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Lawn mowing, blackberry control, and more in Portland, OR.

We restore your lawn to its original state and work to keep it free of invasive bushes year-round.

As Oregon's largest city, Portland is home to over 650,000 residents. Its inhabitants enjoy all of the outdoor attractions that Oregon has, including the Portland Japanese Garden and International Rose Test Garden.

To help residents and business owners keep their landscapes looking nice and healthy, we at J&C Lawn Care provide lawn and landscaping services to those in Portland, OR and the surrounding areas. We provide services including lawn mowing, blackberry and ivy control, yard cleanups, and much more.

With our team taking care of it year-round, your lawn and landscape will always look manicured and be free of invasive plants. Keep reading to learn more about the specific services we offer to our residential and commercial customers in Portland, OR.

Leaf Removal, Yard Cleanups, & Ivy & Blackberry Removal in Portland, OR

We do seasonal yard cleanups in the fall and spring. As part of these cleanups, we will perform:

In Portland, OR, English ivy and Himalayan blackberry are two invasive plants. They take root quickly and grow relentlessly. Our team removes these invasive plant species. This way, your grass and soil can absorb the nutrients they need to thrive.

Landscape Maintenance Helps Your East Portland Lawn Look Its Best Year-Round

One of the services we perform the most often for properties in the east Portland, OR area is lawn mowing. Once a week, we visit your property to keep its grass at the proper height. This way, it can absorb the proper amount of nutrients it needs. Our team is well-prepared to cut and maintain cool-season grasses including:

  • Fescue
  • Bentgrass
  • Ryegrass

With each mow, we perform string-trimming, blowing, and edging to further enhance your lawn's health and appearance.

In addition to lawn mowing, our landscape service providers also trim and prune hedges, shrubs, and trees. As we perform our trimming and pruning services, we always keep your landscape plants shaped and sized for optimal growth. We never overcut and leave your plants fighting to survive. Our team is well-trained to make smart cuts that promote long-term growth.

In regards to your landscape bed, our mulch and rock installation services are available to protect your soil from erosion and drastic temperature changes.

Fertilization and Aeration for Clients in Portland, OR

We fertilize your Portland, OR lawn once each season for a total of 4 times per year.

If your lawn is experiencing the following issues, it may benefit from our aeration and overseeding services:

  • A lack of moisture
  • A lack of oxygen
  • Pest or weeds

Our aeration and overseeding services, when combined, are a great way to restore your lawn and keep resilient weeds at bay.

Does your Portland, OR lawn need professional attention? Give us a call today.

If you think your lawn could benefit from professional attention, give our team a call today at (971) 284-2035. We provide lawn and landscape services to properties in Portland, OR, and nearby areas. Reach out to one of our team members to see how we can tailor our services to help boost your property's aesthetic appeal.

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