Tualatin, OR property requiring yard cleanup and blackberry removal services.

Tualatin, OR Local Landscaping & Yard Cleanup Services

Our services include things like yard debris & leaf removal, landscaping renovation, ivy & blackberry removal, and landscape installation.

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Our team provides landscaping and yard cleanup services for clients in Tualatin, OR and other local areas.

Our yard cleanup services include vegetaion removal, leaf removal, landscape renovations and landscape trimming. We follow up our cleanup service with custom landscape design and installation.

Tualatin, OR primarily lies in Washington County, though a portion of it rests in Clackamas County. It’s primarily a suburban area and contains around 27,000 people. The city received its name from the Tualatin River, which rests along its northern boundary. Residents enjoy access to places like Bridgeport Village and Nyberg Woods, both of which offer various shopping areas.

We are provide landscaping and yard cleanup services for clients in Tualatin, OR and surronding areas. We offer services like yard cleanups, blackberry and ivy removal, landscape bed renovations, and sod installation. If your property requires any of these services, keep reading to learn more about what we offer.

We Offer Landscape Bed Renovations & Plant Installations

Landscape bed renovation at a home in Tualatin, OR.

We are often hired by our clients to renovate their landscape beds. We will help you revitalize your landscape beds by installing the plants of your choice. In the Tualatin area, we often install plants like juniper, boxwood, bee balm, and ferns. If you are interested in installing a completely new landscape, our team can help. We will work with you to create a design that you’ll love. Our landscape experts take into account things like symmetry, color balance, and depth to produce a design that complements your property. Once you are satisfied we will begin the landscape installation process for your yard. Learn more about our landscaping services:

Fall, Spring, or One-Time Yard Cleanups for Your Property

Before and after photo of yard cleanup services at a Tualatin, OR property.

During a spring or fall yard cleanup, you can expect our team to trim shrubs, remove leaves, tidy up landscape beds, and perform other tasks that promote the health of your landscape. We will also perform one-time yard cleanups for properties that have become overgrown or experienced neglect. Read more about our yard cleanup services we offer to our clients in Tualatin and surrounding Oregon areas:

Remove and Control Invasive Plants Like Blackberry & Ivy

If your yard in Tualatin, OR is suffering from blackberry or ivy growth, we can combat these invasive plants through effective methods. We target their root systems to make sure they don’t reappear in your yard. When you allow these naturally growing ivy to grow unchecked, they will curb other plant growth and present a health hazard to your pets. To avoid the negative consequences of blackberry and ivy growth, check out the treatment we offer for these invasive species:

Replace Your Lawn with Our Sod Installation Services

To restore the condition of your lawn in Tualatin, OR, we offer expert sod installation services. You can choose from tall fescue or perennial ryegrass sod. If you are unsure of which type is best for your particular lawn, our team can help you reach a decision. Learn more about our sod installation services:

Does your property need new landscaping or a general cleanup? Get in touch with us today.

If your property is looking overgrown, distressed, and in need of new landscaping. Get in touch with us today at (971) 284-2035 for professional services in Tualatin, OR and other local areas. We’ll provide you with a free estimate for your yard cleanup and landscape renovation services.

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