A Troutdale, OR home property with recent spring cleanup services.

Spring Yard Cleanups In Portland, Beaverton, Milwaukie, & East Portland, OR Areas

Our spring cleanups include trimming and pruning, bed weeding, removing leaves, mowing, and more.

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Spring yard cleanups in the Portland, OR metro area including Portland, Beaverton, and nearby cities.

A spring cleanup refreshes and rejuvenates your lawn and landscaping just in time for the growing season.

Before and after photos of a spring yard cleanup in Beaverton, OR.

After your grass and plants emerge from their winter dormant period, they will need all the help they can get for a healthy start to their growing season. One way to help them is to get a professional spring yard cleanup that is designed to refresh and rejuvenate the entire lawn and landscaping.

At J&C Lawn Care, we provide expert spring cleanup services to the Portland, OR metro area including cities such as Beaverton, Portland, Milwaukie, and many more.

Services We Offer in Our Spring Yard Cleanups

Generally, spring cleanups are offered starting in March as it is advised to have them done before the growing season gets into full swing. Our comprehensive spring cleanups include these services:

  • Trim and prune shrubs: We will shape your plants and remove any dead or dying branches that could be a drain on the plant's resources. Please note that this service will not be performed on any flowering shrubs, as it is best to trim and prune those after they have bloomed.
  • Pull weeds from landscape beds: We remove any weed growth to ensure that your plants can grow without any competing nuisance weeds.
  • Blow leaves and debris out of landscape beds: Getting rid of excess debris allows the soil in your landscaping to breathe and absorb more important nutrients for your plants.
  • Re-edge the beds: We will provide a clear edge to your landscape beds so they look polished and professional.
  • Clean up any sticks, debris, or leaves: Throughout your yard, we will remove any sticks, leaves, or other yard debris that accumulated during the winter so that your grass has the ability to get as much light, water, and air as possible.
  • Mow and string-trim: Once we have cleared away the debris, our team will give your lawn its first mow of the season to provide it with a strong starting-off point. After we mow, we will also string-trim, edge, and blow off grass clippings.

Along with our spring cleanups, we may recommend additional services. It is advised to replenish your mulch or bark dust on an annual basis, so we can replace that for you. Another great way to freshen up your landscaping is to install spring annual flowers, as they provide bright and bold colors.

We can also apply fertilizer and a pre-emergent weed control treatment for a stronger, healthier lawn.

Need a spring yard cleanup for your Portland, OR property? Contact us today.

Landscape beds and lawn in Portland, OR after spring yard cleanup services.

Our lawn care company can provide your residential or commercial property with a professional and thorough spring yard cleanup. If you need cleanup services, we are ready to help. Our teams work with properties all around the Portland, OR area including Beaverton, Portland, Milwaukie, and the surrounding cities. Contact us today at (971) 284-2035!

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