Your lawn in Oregon will likely have to face all kinds of different stressors throughout the year that will affect its overall health and beauty. To help your lawn gain back its strength and prepare for the winter, you should schedule an overseeding service in the fall. Overseeding will help fill any bare or patchy areas on your lawn with new grass. Overseeding can also help your lawn be more resilient to stressors such as insects, diseases, and weeds. What's more, when you overseed your lawn in the fall, it will be better equipped to survive the upcoming winter season.

Overseeding will fill bare and patchy areas on your lawn.

A dead and patchy lawn with overseeding applied in Gresham, OR.

Throughout the year, your lawn will endure challenges that can end up causing damage to your lawn, leaving it with bare and patchy areas. That's where overseeding comes in. When you schedule an overseeding service, grass seeds will be spread throughout your lawn. This will lead to new grass growth, and it can help fill in those bare or patchy areas with beautiful new grass. This service is especially helpful if your lawn fell victim to a lawn disease or an insect infestation, as it will help grass grow in those damaged areas.

Overseeding in the fall will help your lawn become firmly established and ready for the growing season in the spring.

Have your lawn overseed to achieve a thick lawn that is more resilient to stressors.

A beautifully thick and healthy lawn in and around Gresham, OR.

When you overseed your lawn, you will be increasing the density of your turf. It is crucial to have a thick, strong lawn so it can become more resilient to various stressors such as lawn disease and insect infestations. What's more, a thick lawn will also help prevent weeds from taking over your lawn since there won't be as much room for them to grow!

Schedule an overseeding service in the fall to prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter.

Two home owners standing in their patchy lawn near Beaverton, OR.

One of the main reasons you should schedule an overseeding service in the fall is so your lawn is better prepared for the winter months ahead. Because the winters here in Oregon can be harsh, you'll want to do everything you can to help your lawn make it through this cold season. When you overseed your lawn, you will drastically increase the density of your lawn. The thicker your lawn is, the better chance it will have of successfully making it through the winter season.

It is important to remember to schedule an overseeding service early in the fall so that the seeds have enough time to establish themselves in the soil before winter hits. If you wait too long, the seeds might not have enough time to establish their roots, and your grass could have trouble making it through the winter.

You should overseed your lawn directly after it has been aerated so that the seeds can fall into the holes for better seed-to-soil contact.

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At J&C Lawn Care, we can help fill in any bare or patchy areas on your lawn with our overseeding service! We offer this service in September and October because the cooler weather is ideal for grass growth and this service will help prepare your lawn for the winter months ahead. Our overseeding service is offered in conjunction with our core aeration service because it gives your new seeds the best opportunity to be able to germinate and grow. Our service is offered to property owners in Gresham, Happy Valley, Troutdale, OR, and surrounding areas. Call (971) 284-2035 to schedule our overseeding service for your property today! We look forward to hearing from you soon.