When our clients in Gresham, OR contacted us, they were looking for a way to improve the aesthetics of their backyard while also looking to reduce the amount of maintenance and care it would take to keep it looking great. After arriving at their property for the initial consultation, we decided that the best way to help them get a low-maintenance, beautiful yard was to replace their grass with artificial turf. We also noticed that they had a large, gorgeous tree in their backyard, but it didn't really stand out. To help turn that tree into a focal point, we decided to surround it with grassy plants.

The first step of this project was to prep their yard by removing the existing grass and then we added a base layer in the areas where the artificial turf would be installed. Next, we rolled out the artificial turf, cut it to make sure that it would fit perfectly, and then pressed it down into place. The final step of this project was to install grassy plants around the base of their tree to add to the overall aesthetic of the yard and to make their tree stand out.

We prepped the area by removing their existing grass and then putting down a base layer.

Stripped out old lawn for new turf install in Gresham, OR.

Before we could install artificial turf in their backyard, we first had to prep the area. The first step was to remove their existing grass. Once their existing turf was removed, we added a base layer over the areas where the artificial turf would be installed. The base layer ensured that there would be no dips or valleys that could collect water to prevent any standing water or drainage issues. Once the preparation for this project was complete, we were able to get started on installing their artificial turf.

We carefully installed their artificial turf and made sure that it fit perfectly.

Artificial turf laid and cut to size in Gresham, OR.

After all of the prep work was completed, it was time to move forward with the installation of their artificial turf. First, we carefully rolled out the turf across their yard and made sure that it was nice and smooth. We made sure to leave room around their tree so that we would have space to plant their plants later on. Then, we carefully cut the turf so that it fit perfectly into the space. After that, we pressed it down and made sure that it looked great. Finally, we added infill to the turf to help support the grass blades and give them a proper shape.

The infill used in artificial turf can help with pet odors!

The final step of this project was to install plants around the base of their tree.

Plantings around tree and new turf in Gresham, OR.

After we finished installing their artificial turf, it was time to address their tree. While it was beautiful, it needed something to make it "pop". To remedy that problem, we add grassy plants around the base of the tree. The plants that we added were beautiful in their own right, but they really tied the entire project together and made the tree stand out. Our clients were absolutely thrilled with the way everything turned out and love how they now have a gorgeous, low-maintenance backyard to spend time in.

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