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The Pros and Cons of Cedar Chips for Your Landscape Beds

The Pros and Cons of Cedar Chips for Your Landscape Beds

Cedar chips are a very natural-looking type of mulch that blend in well with landscape beds in Troutdale. Cedar chips offer a wide variety of benefits including insect control, moisture retention, and temperature control. Some property owners are hesitant to use cedar chips in their landscape beds because they lose their color and repellent qualities relatively quickly. However, regular replenishing should remedy these minor issues.

Here at J&C Lawn Care, we install cedar chips for landscape beds in Happy Valley, Troutdale, and Gresham, OR.

Cedar chips repel insects due to the chemicals they release.

Cedar chips effectively repel insects due to the natural chemicals and oils that they release. The main insect-repelling chemical present in cedar chips is known as thujone.

Property owners love how cedar chips can repel a variety of insects including cloth-eating moths, carpet beetles, cockroaches, and certain types of ants.

With cedar chips installed in your landscape beds, you will enjoy an outdoor area with minimal pest invasion.

In addition to warding off pests, the natural oils present in cedar chips also emit a pleasant aroma. This smell is heightened especially after a heavy rainfall or when you water your landscape plants. Cedar chips offer a refreshing olfactory experience that other mulches do not provide.

If your soil tends to lose moisture quickly, cedar chips can help.

One problem that a lot of property...

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4 Rock & Mulch Ground Covers for Your 2020 Portland Landscape

4 Rock & Mulch Ground Covers for Your 2020 Portland Landscape

As we begin the new year, you may want to consider installing ground cover for your landscape. We provide professional rock and mulch installation services for residential and commercial properties in Gresham, Troutdale, and Happy Valley, OR.

Deciding between rock and mulch may be a difficult decision to make. Our team at J&C Lawn Care recommends incorporating both rock and mulch into your property's different landscape beds. This way, you will have a diverse landscape in terms of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Learn about four different rock and mulch ground covers you can use in your 2020 Portland landscape.

1. Columbia River Pea Gravel is great for remediating drainage issues.

Columbia River Pea Gravel is compromised of tiny round stones. These smooth stones come in a variety of colors including rust-brown, white, gray, and light brown. With all of the options available, you won't have any issues finding Columbia River Pea Gravel that will fit with your landscape. They are great for filling in areas around driveways, pathways, stone pavers, and gardens.

While these are stones, they can be used as an effective mulching alternative. They are great for remediating drainage issues, retaining moisture, and keeping weeds out of your landscape.

Columbia River Pea Gravel is relatively easy to install compared to other rock choices. Our team will get this kind of rock installation process completed efficiently so you can get...

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Tips to Prepare Your Landscaping for Cooler Weather

Tips to Prepare Your Landscaping for Cooler Weather

Most people tend to think that spring and summer are the most important seasons for landscape care, but in fact, fall is actually the most important time. During autumn, your landscape starts to transition into dormancy and store up energy for the upcoming cold months. Aerating, seeding, and fertilizing your lawn in the fall is pertinent to its survival during winter.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your landscaping for cooler weather in Happy Valley, Troutdale, Gresham, and nearby areas.

Perform Aeration & Seeding for Your Lawn

Before entering winter dormancy, your lawn goes into storage mode, gathering as much food as possible to sustain itself throughout the winter. Aeration loosens dry, compacted soil and provides access for light, water, and nutrients to reach deep down into the root system. Providing this access to your lawn’s roots is vital to ensuring it receives the proper amount of nutrition it needs to store up energy for the upcoming dormant period. After aerating, follow up with seeding and fertilization for the greatest benefit. The seeds you lay down now will take root during the winter and grow in thick and lush come spring, and fall fertilization will provide the nutrients they need to remain healthy all winter long.

Fertilize Your Lawn in Fall

Applying fertilizer to a Happy Valley, OR lawn in fall.

Fertilizing your lawn in fall is key to providing your grass with the essential nutrients it needs to sustain itself during its period of winter dormancy....

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How Plants Benefit from Regular Trimming & Pruning

How Plants Benefit from Regular Trimming & Pruning

Hedge and shrub trimming, small tree trimming, and more aren’t just for fancy aesthetics. While these activities may make you think of sculpted landscape gardens, the truth is that hedge trimming is an important part of keeping plants healthy. Even very basic trees and bushes need regular trimming for their health. It also keeps your yard from becoming overgrown.

The owners of J&C Lawn Care were born and raised in Oregon, so they understand the needs of plants in Happy Valley, Troutdale, and Gresham, OR. Our landscape trimming services will be part of a custom maintenance schedule for your yard that will keep your plants growing well and your yard neat.

How Often Should Plants Be Trimmed

Most bushes, hedges, and small trees in this area of Oregon can usually be trimmed just once a year during the fall, just before winter begins. This is when plants have finished blooming but not too close to when it gets cold and plants become prone to damage. Trimming at other times of year could prevent full flowering in spring or interrupt new, healthy growth. Non-flowering plants should, however, be trimmed in the early spring before new growth begins to keep the new growth healthy.

If your yard is completely overgrown and unhealthy, though, it doesn’t matter the time of year - the fastest path to recovery is to start now. We can help you examine your yard and decide on a plan of action for getting it trimmed up and ready to restart healthy...

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Mulch Madness: Why Your Landscaping Needs Mulch

Mulch Madness: Why Your Landscaping Needs Mulch

As we settle into the spring season in Happy Valley, Troutdale, Gresham, Oregon, and other surrounding areas, it’s time to start thinking about the ways we can work toward making our yards healthy and looking great. Aside from regular lawn mowing and maintenance, there are other tasks that need to be performed.

One of these tasks is to add mulch to your landscaping. Sometimes, this step can get overlooked when planning out a landscape, as it tends to be one of the last steps after creating the beds and planting all of the trees and plants you’ve chosen. However, this is a step that should not be forgotten.

If you already have mulch laid down, then spring is the time to refresh it. Hardwood mulches should be refreshed once a year, while river rock should be refreshed every two years. Keeping your mulch refreshed allows you to reap the maximum benefits from it! Mulch installation is important to the health of your landscaping beds for a few reasons. 

Mulch Installation Prevents Soil Erosion

When we get heavy rains, soil washes away, which can hurt the nutrient balance in your landscaping beds. If you have your lawn treated with fertilizer, then this also washes away the investment you’ve made in the health of your landscape plants.

In the Portland, OR area, we receive about 43 inches of rain a year, which is about 4 inches higher than the national average, according to BestPlaces.net.

By installing groundcovers...

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