As we begin the new year, you may want to consider installing ground cover for your landscape. We provide professional rock and mulch installation services for residential and commercial properties in Troutdale, Happy Valley, and Gresham, OR.

Deciding between rock and mulch may be a difficult decision to make. Our team at J&C Lawn Care recommends incorporating both rock and mulch into your property's different landscape beds. This way, you will have a diverse landscape in terms of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Learn about four different rock and mulch ground covers you can use in your 2020 Portland landscape.

1. Columbia River Pea Gravel is great for remediating drainage issues.

Columbia River Pea Gravel is compromised of tiny round stones. These smooth stones come in a variety of colors including rust-brown, white, gray, and light brown. With all of the options available, you won't have any issues finding Columbia River Pea Gravel that will fit with your landscape. They are great for filling in areas around driveways, pathways, stone pavers, and gardens.

While these are stones, they can be used as an effective mulching alternative. They are great for remediating drainage issues, retaining moisture, and keeping weeds out of your landscape.

Columbia River Pea Gravel is relatively easy to install compared to other rock choices. Our team will get this kind of rock installation process completed efficiently so you can get the most use possible out of your 2020 landscape.

2. Medium hemlock is an attractive ground cover that prevents erosion.

Medium hemlock is bark dust that ranges from dark red to black in color. It tends to be finer than other types of bark dust. Property owners with children and pets often prefer hemlock to other mulch options because the possibility of acquiring splinters is greatly reduced.

It offers your landscape an attractive finishing touch and does a great job of preventing erosion.

3. Cedar chips repel insects and add nutrients to your soil.

If you want to promote the health of your landscape this year, installing cedar chips is a great route to take. They repel harmful insects and add nutrients to your soil. This natural fertilizer is pleasant-smelling and can give your landscape a cohesive look.

4. River rock works well in areas that experience high traffic.

River rock in landscape bed in Happy Valley, OR.

If you have areas in your yard that experience high traffic, you may want to install river rock. River rocks hold up well against heavy traffic, whether it be from children playing in your yard or visitors making their way to your door.

Some property owners opt to use river rocks to create boundary edges for gardens, flower beds, and the sides of your property.

Are you interested in installing new rock or mulch options for your landscape? Get in touch with us today.

As we are still at the beginning of the new year, it's the perfect time for you to revitalize your landscape. An easy way to do so is through rock and mulch installation. Our team at J&C Lawn Care is trained to lay mulch and install decorative rocks that complement your particular landscape. Get in touch with us today at (971) 284-2035 for expert rock and mulch installation services in Troutdale, Happy Valley, and Gresham, OR.