As summer transitions into fall here in Oregon, it's time to start considering what your lawn and landscape need during this time. Fall maintenance is vital for preparing your grass and softscapes for the impending winter, as it'll give them the best chance of enduring the cold temperatures and harsh conditions while dormant. So, you'll want to schedule leaf removal, plant trimming, mulch replenishment, lawn mowing, and debris cleanup. With these tasks, you can put your yard in an optimal position to survive until the next growing season, plus enhance your property's manicured aesthetics!

Leaf Removal Is a Crucial Fall Maintenance Task

The first maintenance task you'll want to schedule this fall is leaf removal. Not only do leaf piles hinder your yard's curb appeal, but they also prevent your grass and plants from absorbing essential resources, which smothers them. Resources like sunlight, water, and oxygen are crucial for maintaining their optimal strength and health, so removing those leaf piles from your lawn and landscape will give them the best chance of preparing for winter dormancy.

Trimming your plants this fall will enhance their shape and prepare them for winter.

Another maintenance task you'll need to schedule this fall is plant trimming. Trimming involves removing stray branches and overgrowth to enhance the shape of your plants, but it'll also prepare them for winter. After all, it improves air circulation and sunlight accessibility to other parts, allowing them to reap the benefits of these resources. Not only that, but it also gets them in top condition so they can start growing again come spring.

Fall Mulch Replenishment Will Set Up Your Landscape Beds for Success

Mulch replenishment is a much-needed maintenance task this fall. A mulch ground cover provides numerous benefits, like moisture retention, soil temperature regulation, weed suppression, and protection from harsh winter conditions for the roots of your plants. These properties are vital for ensuring your plants can survive the impending cold temperatures and setting up your landscape beds for success.

Mulch doesn't just offer health benefits, but it'll also enhance the beauty of your landscape beds, and you can choose from various types to flatter your aesthetic.

Mowing your lawn will keep it manicured and in an optimal position to survive winter.

Mowing your lawn for the last time this fall is a maintenance task you don't want to forget to schedule. Cutting your grass to the proper height will put it in a prime position to survive winter, as longer growth can become matted and trap moisture underneath, creating an ideal environment for lawn diseases. It'll also keep it manicured and looking great!

Your Yard Will Need Debris Cleanup This Fall

Debris cleanup is the last maintenance task you'll want to schedule this fall. Sticks, twigs, small rocks, and other debris can accumulate in your yard throughout the growing season, but leaving the build-up can negatively impact its health, which is the last thing you want before winter. After all, it can provide the perfect hiding spot for pests and trap moisture underneath, causing lawn diseases to fester. Plus, it makes your property appear unkempt and messy, so cleaning it up this fall will keep everything neat and provide ideal conditions going into winter.

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