When you invest in your lawn with regular lawn care services, you are doing more than just making it look pretty. While skipping out on routine lawn care may seem beneficial to your wallet at first, it actually poses many risks to your lawn that require more time and money to fix in the long run.

Routine lawn care keeps your lawn looking nice, keeps it strong and healthy, and saves you time and money. Here are some reasons why your yard in Gresham, Happy Valley, Troutdale, and the surrounding East Portland, OR areas needs routine lawn care.

Routine Lawn Care Keeps Your Lawn Looking Nice

This yard in Happy Valley, OR has regularly scheduled lawn care services.

When you invest in your property, whether it be a fresh coat of exterior paint or custom hardscaping, you want it to look its absolute best. However, a gorgeously painted house with custom walkways and patios doesn’t look very nice with a dying, diseased lawn. Homes with lush, healthy lawns tend to look a lot nicer than poorly-maintained lawns and attract potential buyers and increase your property value. A well-manicured lawn and landscape increases the value of your lawn and adds to your home’s appeal.

Routine lawn care also adds to your personal satisfaction. It’s much more enjoyable to come home from a long day of work to a beautiful, healthy yard rather than an overgrown, dead one.

Routine Lawn Care Saves You Time and Money

Irregular, or non-existent, lawn care causes serious damage to your grass, costing you more money in the long run. Lawns that do not have regular, consistent lawn care are more prone to lawn disease, starvation, drought, nutrient loss, and loss of vitality.

While skipping regular lawn care may seem like a money saver at first, it ultimately costs more in the long run to fix the damage and restore your lawn to its optimal health.

Routine Lawn Care Keeps Your Lawn Healthier

This Troutdale lawn benefits from lawn care and lawn maintenance services.

No one likes a disease-ridden lawn. One way to ensure your lawn stays healthy and green is with routine lawn care throughout the year. Routine lawn care consists of mowing, trimming, aeration and dethatching, fertilization, weed control, and yard cleanups. While this may seem like quite a bit of work to take care of your lawn, it’s paramount to your lawn’s health. Services such as weed control, core aeration, dethatching, and mowing all contribute to a healthy, disease-free lawn.

Infrequent mowing allows diseases to pop and spread, killing your grass. Regular mowing prevents diseases from growing and cuts it off before they have a chance to spread to the rest of your lawn. Lawns that lack regular lawn care tend to be weaker and less-resilient than properly cared for lawns.

Routine mowing keeps your grass at the proper height it should be for maximum health and photosynthesis and prevents the spread of lawn diseases as mentioned above. In our area of Oregon, rain and snow can compact soil and prevent important nutrients from reaching your lawn’s roots, causing loss of vitality. Core aeration revitalizes your lawn’s soil and allows water and nutrients to penetrate deeply into the roots, resulting in fuller, healthier grass. Dethatching removes thatch buildup from your lawn, allowing light and air to reach down deeper and strengthen your lawn’s health and immunity.

Ready to set up routine lawn care?

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