Your lawn requires many things to keep it strong, healthy, and green throughout the year. When fertilization is mentioned, most people think about springtime application, as this is when your grass is growing and needs all the food it can get to thrive. What many people don’t realize, however, is that your lawn also needs fertilization applications in the autumn.

Fall fertilization sets up a strong foundation for your lawn to sustain the winter by providing it with essential nutrients and helps your lawn recover from dormancy in the spring. Here are some reasons why your lawn needs fall fertilization in Gresham, Happy Valley, Troutdale, and the surrounding areas of Oregon.

Autumn Encourages Optimum Nutrient Absorption

Fall is the most important time of year for lawn fertilization. Fertilizing in the spring provides your freshly-awoken lawn with a boost of nutrients to help fuel its growth, but fall fertilization provides it with energy reserves needed to sustain itself throughout the cold winter months. Autumn brings with it cooler temperatures and moisture, both of which are needed to help your turf absorb your applied fertilizer. When applied in the fall, your lawn has ample time to break down the nutrients provided by the fertilizer and store these for food and energy to use throughout the winter.

Fall Fertilization Prepares Your Lawn for the Upcoming Winter Months

Fall fertilizer on a lawn in Happy Valley, OR.

Unlike spring fertilizer that encourages grass growth, fall fertilizer, also known as winterizer, does not encourage growth. Instead, winterizer provides your lawn with food and nutrients that it can store for later use throughout the winter. Before your lawn goes into dormancy, it goes through a period of preparation where it increases its energy reserves and stores as much food and nutrients as it can to use during the cold winter months. This extra boost of food from winterizer provides your grass with the nutrients it needs to build its strength and stamina and endure its period of winter dormancy.

Winterizer Helps Your Lawn Recover Faster in Spring

Spring fertilizer is great for a lawn that has just awoken from dormancy as it gives your grass a boost of fuel to grow green and strong throughout the spring. A fall fertilizer, however, provides your lawn with stored energy and nutrients to give it an extra boost as it awakens out of dormancy and transitions into a state of active growth. It’s important to choose winterizers that are rich in potassium as this will help your grass roots grow strong and deep into your soil, and help them absorb the nutrients they need for a quick recovery in spring.

Fall fertilization is one of the most important lawn care services you can provide your lawn with, as a proper winterizer provides essential nutrients your lawn needs to survive the winter and return strong and healthy in spring.

Fertilizing in Fall Improves Your Lawn’s Appearance & Health

Fall fertilization promotes a healthy, green lawn like this one in Troutdale, OR.

Providing your lawn with a strong foundation via fall fertilization leads to a greener, stronger, and healthier lawn in spring. Winterizer strengthens your grass’ roots and ensures it has a strong foundation on which to flourish next spring. When your grass starts off in already good health, it’s more likely to stay strong and healthy throughout the entire growing season and into the summer months. Enhancing your lawn’s energy reserves in the fall with winterizer promotes a quicker turn around in spring, which subsequently leads to your lawn greening up much earlier in the year. Because fall fertilization boosts your lawn’s strength and health, your lawn grows back in thicker, fuller, and greener in spring.

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