Lawn aeration is a service that ultimately results in fuller, healthier grass and plants. Also called lawn restoration, the process revitalizes soil health, encourages healthy growth, and allows water and nutrients to reach roots. This aeration service is important before laying sod or overseeding to ensure the soil is ready for new healthy root systems to be established.

In our part of Oregon, changes in temperature, rainfall, and snow can cause the soil to become compacted, which make it difficult for grass and plants to remain healthy. Over time, soil breaks down and can also lose its vitality. As a result, we recommend this service be done annually in order to maintain ideal growing conditions and to help prevent thatching that blocks light and air from getting to your grass.

Aeration Revitalizes Soil Health

Part of an aerated lawn in Happy Valley, OR.

Lawn aerator machines have mechanical spines that poke holes through the soil in even intervals. The process is often called “core aeration.” The result is reduced compaction and a network of holes or channels that allow water, light, and air to reach deep into the soil.

With fertilization and proper watering, the soil will begin to regain its health and helpful microbes begin to reproduce. These microbes can help to fight off unhealthy bacteria, fungus, and mold that can plague your grass. Overall, the soil will be revitalized and brought back to life, leading to stronger, fuller grass and plants.

Lawn Restoration Brings Grass Back to Life, Plants Thrive Again

Once the lawn restoration process is complete, the soil will be ready for healthy growth again. The next step is often overseeding or sod installation. With either option, the soil will be rich and more capable of supporting strong root systems, leading to healthier, fuller grass.

Fully restored lawns begin to show results within a few weeks as the oxygen, water, and nutrients are absorbed. Grass roots will begin to dominate the soil, pushing out invasive weeds and putting up a better fight against insects and plant disease.

Landscaping beds will also benefit from aeration, giving renewed life to soil and increasing flower or fruit production as plants begin to thrive.

Aeration Allows Water, Light, and Air to Reach Root Systems

Lawns in Troutdale look healthier and greener after the aeration process.

The primary purpose of aeration and core aeration is to restore the health of the soil by allowing much-needed nutrients to reach root systems. The holes that are created not only stir up old soil, but allow water, light, and air to penetrate the top layers. As seeds begin to germinate, they will receive the help they need for a healthy start. Sod installations will produce better results after the procedure is complete because the roots will be able to breathe and absorb water that was once blocked by compacted soil and thatch.

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