Weeds can be a real nuisance here in Oregon and getting rid of them is no easy task. While you may be tempted to get rid of weeds yourself, you'll likely just end up with more weeds on your lawn. The best way to get rid of weeds is to invest in a professional weed control service. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding this service. Keep reading to learn the answers to some frequently asked questions about weed control.

Why am I seeing so many weeds on my lawn?

Dandelions growing throughout lawn in Damascus, OR.

There can be several reasons why weeds are growing on your lawn. However, the primary reason could be that your lawn needs to be stronger to fight off weeds and requires fertilization. The soil on your lawn may also be compacted, and some weeds thrive despite soil compaction. When your soil is compacted, aeration is necessary to loosen the soil so nutrients and other resources can reach the roots of your grass.

What is the difference between an annual weed and a perennial weed?

Weeds can be categorized by their life cycle, which dictates when they will emerge and reproduce. Here are the differences between annual weeds and perennial weeds:

  • Annual weeds usually propagate by seed and will complete their entire life cycle in one growing season. However, their seeds can fall to the ground this year and will produce more weeds next year.
  • Perennial weeds can remain dormant in the soil for more than four years and still grow weeds when given the right growing conditions. This makes perennial weeds tougher to deal with. Some perennial weeds also have an extensive root system that will replicate when pulled.

Common annual weeds in Gresham, OR include crabgrass, henbit, chickweed, and more!

What are the most difficult weeds to deal with?

As we have mentioned, some weeds are more stubborn than others due to their underground system of roots. Here are some of the most difficult weeds to deal with:

  • Sedges
  • Crabgrass
  • Nimblewill

These weeds are so difficult to deal with because it's hard to eliminate their entire root system. Dealing with these weeds is difficult and it can take multiple applications of weed control to eliminate them.

Why can't I just pull the weeds from the lawn?

Gloved homeowner pulling weed from their lawn in Sunnyside, OR.

Weeds are more persistent than you think they are, and pulling them can just make matters worse. That's because the underground root system of a weed can have tubers and rhizomes that run throughout your lawn. When you pull them, even more weeds will grow in their place.

Is the product you use safe for my pets?

Unfortunately, we have yet to find a great organic solution for weed control, so the quick answer is no. However, our professionals use just the right amount of product and we make sure you know when we are coming, so you can change up your pet's routine for the day. Once the treatment has sunk into the soil (usually 24hrs) your pets can go about their business like normal.

What's the deal with saving the dandelions?

Many people want to save the vegetation that feeds our pollinators, which in turn helps the ecosystem and our environment. However, if you want a healthy green lawn that is weed-free, you will want dandelions removed from your lawn. A good way to stay in harmony with your environment is to plant early-blooming perennials that the bees can use for food.

Why do I have crabgrass on my lawn anyway?

Crabgrass growing in lawn beside walkway in Gladstone, OR.

If crabgrass sees an opportunity, it will grab it! It looks for bare soil, and loves full sunlight! It likes salty soil, so in spring you may find it sprouting up where you had salted your driveway or walkways. It will look at a stressed lawn that may have been cut too short, and see a great new place to reach.

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Weeds are unwanted plants that grow on your lawn and take away essential nutrients and space from your grass. Dealing with them can be tricky because some weeds have extensive root systems that trigger more growth when pulled. At J&C Lawn Care, we offer a weed control service that can put a stop to weeds. We offer this service to property owners in Gresham, Happy Valley, Troutdale, or nearby areas in Oregon. You can reach us at (971) 284-2035 today to schedule this service.