Depending on your landscape elements, you may need trimming, pruning, or both.

As a property owner, you may recognize that trees and perennial shrubs will simply grow as nature intended, but eventually these landscaping elements can look overgrown and messy. We offer trimming and pruning as a combined service in the fall, but depending on your plants, you may need one or the other, and not both.

Trimming is a cosmetic service and keeps plants shaped and looking pristine. Pruning, on the other hand is done for the health of your plants. When done correctly, pruning will promote healthy growth. Let’s look at how you can determine which service you need for your particular property in Gresham and neighboring communities.

Assess the different plants, trees, and shrubs in your landscaping.

Depending on the types of plants on your property, you may need either trimming or pruning in the fall, and sometimes both services if your property is more complex. To determine whether you need trimming or pruning, look at the dominant plant types:

  • Trees
  • Large shrubs
  • Simple shrubs

If you have a lot of trees and large shrubs, pruning should be your priority. If your property is mostly simple, smaller shrubs, trimming service is preferred.

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Pruning keeps trees and shrubs healthy.

Decorative landscape trees and shrubs with trimming and pruning near Happy Valley, OR.

The process of pruning involves cutting away dead and overgrown branches that interfere with healthy growth. Dead branches are problematic not just because they can fall but also because they are prime locations for insects and disease to infect the tree or shrub.

Pruning is typically a fall service (and even into winter), but take care if you have spring-blooming trees and shrubs, which have slightly different needs. Spring bloomers should be trimmed after they bloom and before the new growth starts in the fall.

Proper pruning ensures that trees have strong limbs and a solid trunk while also encouraging crown growth.

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Trimming helps plants keep their shape.

The words trimming and pruning are sometimes used interchangeably, but trimming does not have the same goals as pruning. As we mentioned, pruning is a matter of plant health, but trimming is what keeps everything looking more aesthetically appealing.

Trimming is also primarily a fall service, with the exception of spring bloomers. Trimming takes place after the growing season when plants start to go dormant, and it helps control overgrowth. There may be times when you want plants to grow into a space, but trimming will still encourage growth while also help keep the shape you want.

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Every landscape is different. Sometimes pruning can be in the spring or the fall, depending on your species, but fall is the ideal time for most plants, after the growing season has ended. Our professionals know best, call (971) 284-2035 and schedule your service today. We service residential and commercial properties in the Portland metro area, including Gresham, Happy Valley, and Troutdale.

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