Fresh and vibrant grass is always a good idea for your lawn, and it can be achieved either through seeding or installing sod. It is critical to make an informed choice between whether you want the instant gratification that sod installation can give you or the lower initial cost that comes with seeding. Another factor to consider is the time it takes to establish your thick, lush lawn.

Whether you are regrowing your lawn after some home or landscape reconstruction, or you've simply gotten sick of staring at a patchy lawn, both seeding and installing sod are great options for your new lawn, however, they both have their own pros and cons. To help you decide what to choose for your new lawn, here are some beneficial things to know when choosing between sod and seed.

Enjoy an "instant" lawn within a day during any season with sod installation.

Our landscaper installing sod on a property in Beaverton, OR.

When you want to see results immediately, sod installation is the way to go because it generally takes only a day to lay sod in your yard. Installing sod is the process of laying down a carpet of grass held together by its root system. Because the grass is pre-grown, you will be able to instantly see green on your lawn.

Patience is the key with seeding, as it takes longer for the seeds to establish roots and grow into green grass. Additionally, there are only certain seasons that seeding can be done and it is critical to plant the seeds under the right conditions for successful growth.

According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, installing sod in your yard can be done during any season as long as the ground is not frozen and winter irrigation is available.

Because our grounds here in Oregon don't freeze over, sod installation is feasible even during the winter season.

Enjoy Your Lawn Earlier With Sod

Once installed, sod takes two weeks to take root in the soil. During these 14 days, it is best to keep off the grass to let the young roots settle in and develop properly. Pets and children should avoid contact with the installed sod. We also recommend watering your newly installed sod regularly while waiting for it to take root.

After the sod has established its roots, you are now free to use and enjoy your lawn. Unlike seeding, it would take you at least twice the time to use your yard. A seeded lawn is usually not ready for use for eight weeks on average.

Consider Soil Erosion and Weed Growth

Aside from a fresh lawn's aesthetics, one of the most relevant factors you need to take note of when making your decision is soil erosion control and weed growth. Here is a comparison between sod and seeding:


  • Sod provides immediate erosion control because it can quickly establish its roots and stabilize the soil underneath.
  • Installing sod provides a virtually weed-free lawn because a good quality sod installed correctly leaves no space for the germination of weed seeds.


  • Ruts can form and seeds can be swept away by the rainstorm.
  • Due to the longer time seeds take to grow, weeds may mix with your grass and grow in your seeded lawn.

Cost of Installation Matters

Our landscaper spreading seed on a lawn in Clackamas, OR.

Seeding your lawn is cheaper than installing sod. On average, sodding will cost you about $1.00 to $1.50 more per square foot compared to seeding. Laying down sod in your lawn is more expensive as it is more labor-intensive than seeding is.

If your budget is restricted, seeding is the best option for you. You are basically paying for the raw materials and the service for planting it when you choose to seed. However, when you opt for sodding, you are paying for an already finished product waiting to be installed.

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Installing sod in your yard outweighs seeding in more ways than one. With sod, you get an instant vibrant and healthy lawn that can control erosion and weed growth. It is authentic real grass grown by professionals who know what they are doing and are good at it.

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