There are many reasons to lay grass seed than simply when starting a new lawn. Grass seed is great for repairing your lawn’s bare spots, fixing thin areas, and eliminating weeds from your lawn. Using seed is also great for restoring your lawn’s health and promoting its growth and health.

Here are some reasons why your lawn in Gresham, Happy Valley, Troutdale, and the surrounding areas in East Portland, OR needs grass seed.

Grass Seed Helps Eliminate Weeds & Promotes a Healthy Lawn

Closeup of healthy grass in a Happy Valley, OR after grass seeding was performed.

As your lawn matures, it can start to wear out, resulting in weakened grass. Bare spots and dry patches allow for weeds to grow and develop in your lawn. Seeding in these areas fills in missing areas of grass, eliminating room for weeds to grow. Grass seed also restores your lawn and gets it back to being healthy and green, and more resilient to the threat of weed growth.

As a general rule, if your lawn is made up of less than 40 percent weeds, then filling in your lawn with grass seed is a viable option to eliminate existing weeds and help restore your lawn’s health. If your lawn has more than 40 to 50 percent weeds or numerous areas of dead or struggling grass, it’s best to start over from scratch and totally renovate your lawn by laying down fresh grass seed.

Seeding When Your Lawn Needs Repair

Pets, people, weather, and pests can all take a toll on your lawn. Removing weeds and poor turf, preparing and tilling the soil, and seeding will all help get your lawn back on the right track. Laying grass seed is great for repairing bare spots and fixing a thin lawn when you don’t need to replace your entire lawn. If your lawn is thinning, laying new seed will help it fill in and grow thicker, lush grass. Using a high-performance grass seed will rebuild your bare turf and fill in any unwanted bare spots or sparse areas.

Planting a New Lawn Using Grass Seed

If your lawn is dry and damaged beyond repair, laying grass seed is a perfect way to start your lawn over. Grass seed is inexpensive and provides a great variety of grasses to choose from when starting a new lawn from scratch. Several types of grass seed are available in our area and allow you great flexibility in choosing grass varieties to complement the growing environment around your home.

If your lawn has a lot of shady spots, grass seed is great for growing a new lawn as it doesn’t require a lot of sun exposure. Unlike sod, grass seed grows well in the shade, providing you greater flexibility when planting new grass.

Seeding After Aeration to Encourage Growth

Seeding on its own can do wonders for your lawn, however, when you pair seeding with aeration, the benefits are immense. Aeration punctures small holes throughout your lawn, allowing oxygen, water, and other nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil and roots and removes thatch buildup. Aeration is necessary for a strong, healthy, and green lawn that is resilient against weeds and disease.

Laying grass seed after aerating your lawn allows the seeds to reach deep into your lawn’s soil, increasing their germination rate. The deeper the seeds reach into your soil, the stronger foothold they can take, allowing them to grow and create a thicker, healthier, and greener lawn.

Laying grass seed immediately after core aeration allows the seeds to sink deep into your soil, take root, and produce results in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Are you wanting to lay grass seed on your lawn?

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