The team at J&C Lawn Care loves getting to design and install new landscape beds, so when we recently got a call from a customer in Portland, OR who needed new landscaping, we were happy to help. The customer was looking to list their house on the market and wanted a cost-effective landscape transformation that would help increase overall curb appeal. Learn more about this project and the steps we took to make it happen.

Our first step was to create a plan to fix the disrepair of the landscape beds.

Before photo of custom landscape bed and walkway installation in Portland, OR.

When we arrived on site, we found that the front and back yards were in a state of disrepair with neglected landscape beds that had just turned into dirt and old weed fabric. Once we saw that, we knew we needed to create a plan that would address the landscaping but also stick to the homeowner's budget.

We quickly worked to make a design that included landscape plants as well as different ground covers for a low maintenance area that was also modern-looking. We wanted the look and feel to reflect the area of the home and help differentiate it from others on the market.

After that, we removed existing landscape plants and began to create a walkway.

Once we'd formulated our plan and the owners approved the design, we got to work, removing the existing plants and discarding the old weed fabric so we could prepare the area for new landscape installation.

In the backyard, we added in a gravel walkway leading from the back door to the rest of the yard for easy navigability from the door to a concrete patio. Along the walkway, we installed some outdoor lights to increase safety at night and make the walkway easier to see in the dark.

The landscape plants we chose were hand-selected for their beauty and low maintenance.

For the landscape, we chose plants that were not only low maintenance but also beautiful. All plants are hand-selected by our expert crews for their durability and health. A few of the plants we installed for this project are:

  • Alaskan ferns
  • Japanese sweet flag
  • Soft rush
  • And more!

Within the landscape, we also installed some boulders to provide nice focal points in the beds. In the corner of the backyard, we designed a boulder formation with different types of rock ground cover surrounding it. Boulders in the front yard added depth to the design.

Rock and mulch ground cover protect landscaping and add to the aesthetic appeal.

Landscape bed plantings and river rock border in Portland, OR.

After installing plants, we put down a layer of black hardwood mulch and a border of river rock as a nice contrast in color to the plants in the backyard. In the front yard, we used gray river rock as well as dark mulch around the tree in the corner. These ground covers will serve to protect the new landscaping from soil erosion, weed invasions, temperature changes, and more.

Rock and mulch also provide great overall aesthetic appeal, giving the landscape a polished look.

Do you need new landscaping at your property in the Portland area?

If you're a property owner in the Portland, OR area, including cities such as Gresham, Happy Valley, Troutdale, and more. we can help with adding new landscape beds to your property. Our company specializes in designing and installing landscaping throughout the area. Give us a call today at (971) 284-2035 to set up an estimate!