Our clients in Portland, OR were struggling with brown, patchy grass when they came to us for help. They couldn't seem to achieve the healthy, lush lawn that they were wanting so badly. They decided to start from scratch and schedule our sod installation service for an instantly green front lawn.

Our team began the project by prepping the ground for the new sod. This included removing all existing grass, weeds, and debris and adding new soil. After the ground was completely prepped, we rolled out the sod, laying it perfectly so that there were no gaps. To finish up the project, our crew watered the sod deeply so that it had enough hydration to begin establishing strong roots.

First, we prepped the lawn to create a healthy environment for the new sod.

Graded lawn for sod installation in Portland, OR.

The first step of the sod installation process was to remove all of the remaining grass, weeds, and debris. We dug up everything and discarded it so that there was only dirt remaining on the lawn. This gave us a clean slate to work with. From there, we added extra soil to the lawn and spread it out. This created a healthy environment for the new sod. The new soil provided nutrients for the roots to use as they began to grow and establish themselves in the ground. The more nutrients provided to new roots, the better!

After the soil was graded, the prep process was complete and it was finally time for our team to roll out the sod!

Next, we rolled out the sod and pressed it down into the soil.

Sod rolled out onto lawn in Portland, OR.

Sod rolls out like a carpet. So, roll by roll, our team covered the fresh soil with new sod. As we went from roll to roll, we ensured that the seams were tight and there were no gaps. We also cut the rolls so that they fit the dimensions of the lawn perfectly. After the entire lawn was covered with sod, we pressed it down so that the roots had more secure contact with the soil.

Sod is often referred to as an "instant lawn" because, once it is all installed, you get to enjoy the look of a lush, green lawn without having to wait for seeds to establish and grow. The prep and installation process only took us one day and, by the end of the day, our clients were thrilled to see green on their lawn again!

Watering the lawn was the last step in this sod installation project!

Workers watering newly installed sod for clients in Portland, OR.

Although the sod was completely installed and the lawn looked green, the project still had one last step to complete. Watering new sod on the day of installation is perhaps the most important part of ensuring that the roots of the sod begin to establish themselves in the soil. Our team finished off the day by deeply watering our client's lawn. We then helped set the settings of our client's irrigation system to ensure that the new sod never went without water.

We set the irrigation system settings to water the lawn twice a day for the first two weeks to ensure the sod got enough hydration.

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Schedule our sod installation service and say goodbye to brown, patchy grass!

We get it - fertilizing and watering your lawn to no avail can be incredibly frustrating! Turning brown, patchy grass into strong, green grass is a process that takes lots of patience, time, and effort. Our sod installation service is the perfect solution for those looking to start over with their lawn. We offer our services to the Gresham, OR area, including Happy Valley, Troutdale, and Fairview. To schedule our sod installation service, give our team a call today at (971) 284-2035.