Moss can be a familiar sight to every property owner living in rainy and moist areas, such as Gresham, OR. This is a low-growing plant that requires water and moisture to grow and reproduce. Its presence on your lawn is something you don't want because it means there are poor growing conditions in your lawn. If you have moss on your lawn, it could mean that you have weak turf, compacted soil, or poor drainage on your property.

If you're looking to eliminate moss and regain control of your lawn, you'll want to invest in lawn care services such as fertilization, weed control, aeration, and overseeding. Continue reading to learn the environment it thrives in, and why an effective lawn care routine can prevent it from taking over your lawn.

What is moss?

Moss in lawn in Damascus, OR.

Moss is a low-growing non-vascular plant, which means it can reproduce through spores that spread through the wind. It needs water and moisture to flourish, which is why it is commonly found in Oregon. It is a shallow-rooted plant that germinates to tiny thread-like structures called protonema once it finds an ideal spot. Moss loves shade, and some species may even require soil compaction to thrive

Why is there moss in my yard?

Moss grows in shaded, moist environments, so if you have these types of conditions in your yard, that could be a reason why moss has infiltrated it. If the soil is compacted in your lawn, it can reduce your soil's ability to absorb moisture, which means that the top of your lawn will be moist, the perfect environment for moss to thrive. Moss will also be able to grow in bare or weak areas of your lawn, so you have these types of areas in your lawn, your yard could be inviting moss to grow.

Moss is one of the few plant species that doesn't have roots!

Proper lawn care can help prevent moss from growing in your yard.

Aerator machine in lawn with core plugs in Happy Valley, OR.

Moss can only grow in weak areas of your lawn, so by keeping your turf nice and strong, you will be able to prevent moss from growing in your yard. Some common lawn care services that you should invest in to keep your grass as strong as possible include:

  • Aeration - Soil compaction is a friend to moss but an enemy to your lawn. Aeration is the process of reducing soil compaction, which will make it easier for nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn. In turn, this will help your grass grow strong, and take away space for moss to grow.
  • Overseeding - Overseeding your lawn will fill in any bare or patchy areas of your lawn with new, healthy growth. A thick, lush lawn will take away the environment that moss thrives in.
  • Fertilization - Fertilizer will provide your lawn with the nutrients that it needs to grow strong. When your lawn is strong, it will be able to outcompete moss.
  • Weed control - While weed control doesn't get rid of moss, it does get rid of weeds. In turn, your grass won't have to compete with weeds for nutrients, so it will grow stronger. When your lawn is strong and healthy, moss won't be able to grow in it.

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