If your property has sloped land like so many property owners in Oregon, your outdoor space would benefit from installing a retaining wall. They help tremendously with soil erosion by holding soil in place, and give you more usable space on your property since you'll have a nice, newly flat area to work with. A properly designed retaining wall will provide water drainage to control water flow and prevent standing water from accumulating around the wall. Retaining walls can be the difference between dealing with damaging soil erosion on your property and a beautiful landscape that serves you well – make a wise choice and get ahead of the issue.

Retaining Walls Reduce Soil Erosion & Improve Stability

Retaining wall installed beside lawn with steps in Damascus, OR.

With property on sloped land, soil erosion is always a concern, no matter which direction the slope is going. With a slope that goes down towards your home, that soil can slide onto your home and put extra pressure on the structure of your home, causing damage. If the slope starts near your house's foundation and goes down from there, the soil can fall out from under the foundation and leave stability issues behind. A retaining wall will be a tremendous help in either instance for reducing soil erosion, holding soil in its place, and providing support to the landscape so that it is more stable and secure. This improves both the aesthetics and safety of your property!

Many people use retaining walls as raised terraces for additional softscaping like gardens, trees, or shrubs.

Create More Usable Space With a Retaining Wall

Retaining wall holding landscape bed for home front in Beaverton, OR.

When you're trying to design your outdoor space and dealing with sloped land, it may begin to feel like the slope is more in charge than you are. A retaining wall can make things much simpler because it holds steady, so you don't need to constantly factor in shifting soil to your plans. It'll also create a beautiful, flat space for you to work with which you can use as a planting area or even space for a patio! A retaining wall makes the sloped parts of your land usable and is customizable to your specific needs. Reclaim your land!

Properly Designed Retaining Walls Will Control Water Flow & Drainage

A retaining wall that has been designed and installed correctly can help control water flow and improve drainage on your property. That's because they will help to retain water and runoff that would otherwise flow down onto your property. If you have a sloped property and no retaining wall, water can run down the slope and pool up on your property, or even worse, against your home where it can cause significant damage. When you turn to a professional team to have a retaining wall installed on your property, you will reduce the risk of flooding and drainage issues occurring.

Having a retaining wall installed on your property can also increase your overall property value!

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