Sod is pre-grown grass that can give you a beautiful new lawn almost instantly, but it needs proper care after installation to encourage strong root development. To set up your newly installed sod in Oregon for success, you must follow a strict watering schedule. On the day of sod installation, you must water it deeply until water penetrates 6 inches into the ground to prevent it from drying out and kickstart the root development. For the next 2 weeks, you'll want to water it multiple times a day to maintain optimal soil moisture and facilitate your sod's process of developing its roots. During the next 3 to 4 weeks, you can reduce the number of times you water your sod per day but increase the length of each watering session.

Make sure you water your lawn the same day the sod is installed.

The strict watering schedule for your sod starts on the day of installation. After the rolls of sod are installed on your property, you must water it deeply directly after. Your goal is to ensure water has reached 6 inches deep into the soil to prevent your sod from drying out. This first step is crucial in positioning your new lawn for success because it gives the sod a much-needed kickstart to establishing its roots in the soil. When you fail to water your sod deeply after installation, it can get damaged and have trouble growing.

Watering Schedule For the First 2 Weeks After Sod Installation

For the first two weeks following the installation of your sod, you should water it several times every day. The ideal watering frequency during this period is about twice to four times daily, with each session not running too long to ensure the sod and soil are saturated enough, but not oversoaked. The first two weeks are crucial times for your sod. It is in the process of growing its roots, and keeping it moist throughout the day will enable it to develop a strong and deep root system.

You can mow your sod after 14 days but don't cut more than 1/3 of the grass blades' height.

Watering Your Sod 3 to 4 Weeks After Installation

Two weeks after installation, your sod should have grown its roots already. This is now the time to adjust your watering schedule. Once weeks 3 and 4 roll around, you can cut back on the watering frequency while increasing the length of each watering session. This deep watering method encourages your new lawn to grow deep roots, which are crucial in its long-term health and ability to survive stressful conditions.

When watering your sod, it's best to do it in the early morning. Doing this prevents the water from evaporating too quickly from the sun's heat and allows your grass to absorb the water. You also need to make sure you don't water it too late. That's because if you do, the grass blades could stay wet overnight, and become vulnerable to various fungal diseases.

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