Autumn is a beautiful time for colors and one of the greatest assets to your yard is having large, beautiful trees to watch the changing of the leaves. However, once those leaves change color, they inevitably fall to the ground, which causes a covering of leaves on your lawn.

  • Leaves have a tendency to smother the lawn by creating a layer that blocks sunlight and nutrients from reaching the grass and the root system.
  • A build-up of leaves on the ground promotes the growth of various lawn diseases such as snow mold and brown patch.
  • Leaves remaining on the lawn can invite unwanted pests that will consume the roots of your grass.

Removing the leaves from your yard before your turfgrass reaches its dormancy period allows it time to soak up extra nutrients before the winter. Without these nutrients to help rejuvenate your cool season grasses, you could be looking at a damaged turf come springtime!

If leaves are covering more than 10-20% of your lawn, there is a greater risk of damage to your grass from disease or lack of nutrients.

Methods of Leaf Removal

Hire a professional landscaping company like J&C Lawn Care to come and remove all the leaves from your property. We use rakes and blowers to remove leaves by collecting them on a giant tarp and hauling them away.

Another option for yards that do not have a leaf covering that is too thick, is to use a lawn mower or a mulching mower to break them up over the ground. Breaking the leaves up into tiny pieces helps re-deposit nutrients back into the soil.

Leaf Removal Services Means Avoiding Dead Grass, Overseeding, & Less Debris

If you care for your lawn in the proper fashing during the fall with leaf removal services, you will reduce the amount of time, money, and work that your lawn needs in the spring. Removing leaves will allow you to avoid the potential for dead grass, disease, and pest issues.

Furthermore, your yard will not require overseeding to repair it, and it will have less debris that needs to be picked up and removed in the spring.

Before and after photos of a fall leaf removal service at a home in Happy Valley, OR.

Contact us for residential and commercial leaf removal services in Gresham, Happy Valley, and Troutdale, OR.

Taking care to remove leaves in the fall is preventative care for your spring turf. Residents and business owners in and around Gresham, Happy Valley, and Troutdale, OR can contact J&C Lawn Care at (971) 284-2035 to receive our leaf removal services and have their property come through the winter with a stellar lawn for spring!