Your outdoor living space is a place to gather with friends and family to enjoy one another's company. But once the sun goes down, it can put a premature end to your gathering. However, this is when outdoor lighting can save the day! An outdoor lighting system can illuminate your outdoor area so you can continue using it after the sun has set! What's more, an outdoor lighting system can also increase the beauty of your property and allow you to highlight certain features that you are most proud of. Outdoor lighting can also provide safety benefits by making it safer to navigate your property at night. If you plan on investing in an outdoor lighting system, make sure that you use LED lights as they are energy efficient and strong enough to withstand the weather Oregon faces throughout the year. Continue reading to learn more about how outdoor lighting can enhance the beauty and safety of your property.

Outdoor lighting can enhance the beauty of your property.

Uplighting technique done for a landscape bed in Gresham, OR.

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor lighting is that it will allow you to use your outdoor lighting space after the sun goes down. However, that's not all it does! Outdoor lighting can also enhance the overall beauty of your property not only because it's beautiful in its own right, but it can also highlight certain features that you're proud of. There are a variety of lighting techniques you can use when installing outdoor lighting to bring your property to life at night, including:

  • Moonlighting - For this lighting technique, the light source is placed in a high spot such as a tree, and cast downward to mimic the natural light of the moon.
  • Uplighting - This is a great lighting technique that is used to highlight tall trees or other structures.
  • Silhouetting - This technique involves placing the light behind an object to produce shadows and shapes you wouldn't see in the daytime.
  • Shadowing - Shadowing involves placing the light in front of the object to create a dramatic shadow of the specific object on a wall or other background.

Outdoor lighting provides safety benefits.

Without any lights, navigating your property at night can be challenging and dangerous. However, when you install outdoor lighting on your property, you'll be able to see where you're walking at night, reducing the chances that you could trip over something. Another safety benefit of outdoor lighting is that it can also deter potential intruders from coming onto your property since they will be less likely to want to trespass on a well-lit property.

Make sure you use LED lights for your outdoor lighting system.

LED light bulb being held in professionals hand for comparison in Happy Valley, OR.

Once you decide to install an outdoor lighting system on your property, make sure you use LED lights. LED bulbs are able to withstand the different weather elements such as rain, wind, and snow that Oregon faces. They are also very energy efficient, which you'll love when your energy bill shows up! Plus, they are long-lasting and don't need to be changed very often.

LED light bulbs are able to last up to 50,000 hours!

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