The fall season can be a great time of year here in Oregon. The weather starts cooling off, pumpkin-flavored everything starts being sold, and leaves turn beautiful colors before falling to the ground. While the latter of these things can be a beautiful sight at first, leaves can actually be detrimental to the health of your grass if they are not removed in a timely fashion. That's because leaves create moist, dark environments that attract pests, and they can even create ideal environments for lawn diseases to form. What's more, leaf piles can actually smother your grass, blocking essential resources like water, sunlight, and nutrients from reaching it, which can result in weak, dead patches of grass on your lawn. However, by removing the leaves on your lawn during the fall, you can help to prevent these problems from occurring!

Leaf piles can attract pests to your property.

One reason that it's important to remove leaf piles from your lawn is that they can attract pests to your property. That's because leaf piles create dark, moist environments that many types of pests find attractive. This can be problematic for a number of reasons. Some pests can cause damage to your lawn, so you won't want to do anything that could attract them to your property. Other types of pests are food for other animals and rodents, and the more pests you have on your property, the more likely that they will be to attract other types of unwanted animals to your property. Also, as pests get closer to your home or business, they may try to find a way to move from your lawn to your indoor space, which can cause a whole bunch of other issues. So, it's a wise move to have the leaf piles on your property removed so you can avoid these problems!

Some pests that are attracted to leaf piles include spiders, snakes, ticks, and more.

Leaf piles can create the ideal environment for lawn diseases to form.

In addition to pests, lawn diseases are also a big fan of leaf piles. That's because leaf piles can trap moisture in them, creating a dark, moist environment that is conducive to the formation of lawn diseases. If a lawn disease infects your turf, it could cause serious damage to your grass, and you would need to invest in a curative treatment to eliminate it. What's more, you would also likely need to invest in lawn care services to help your lawn recover. So, to minimize the chances of your lawn falling victim to a turf disease in the fall, you should remove the leaves from it!

Leaf Piles Can Smother Your Grass

Another major reason that you should remove the leaves from your lawn in the fall is that if they pile up, they can end up smothering your grass. If this happens, the leaves can block essential resources like water, sunlight, and nutrients from reaching your grass, resulting in weak and dead grass when spring rolls around. However, by keeping your lawn free of leaves during the fall, your grass will have better access to everything it needs to thrive!

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