Your shrubs can play a huge role in the overall curb appeal of your property in Oregon, so you'll want to keep them looking their best throughout the year. That's where trimming comes in. This service should be performed at least once annually to keep your shrubs in great shape. In addition to keeping your shrubs looking good, trimming can also prevent overgrowth, promote thicker regrowth, and allow sunlight to reach more parts of them. While this task may seem straightforward, it actually requires precision and care because performing it incorrectly can actually damage them. So, it's best to hire professionals to trim them to ensure the job gets done right!

What are the benefits of trimming shrubs?

You may have heard of trimming, but you may not exactly be sure of why it's done or what benefits it can provide to your shrubs. Well, trimming is the process of removing overgrowth on plants so they don't grow out of control. However, removing overgrowth isn't the only benefit that comes with trimming shrubs, it also:

  • Helps to keep shrubs shaped and looking their best - When you trim your shrubs, you can shape them to a shape that meets your aesthetic preferences. This service also helps keep them looking neat and manicured.
  • Promotes thicker regrowth - When you trim a part of your shrub, it will stimulate regrowth near the area where it was cut. This can result in thicker regrowth!
  • Enables sunlight to reach more parts of the shrubs - When your shrubs are trimmed, you will be removing certain parts of it. When you do this, sunlight will be able to reach more parts of your plants, which can improve their overall health.

How often should your shrubs be trimmed?

When it comes to the frequency with which your shrubs should be trimmed, it all depends on what type of shrubs you have. Some shrubs only need to be trimmed once in the fall, while others could benefit from being trimmed once annually in the spring season. However, there are also shrubs out there that could benefit from being trimmed 3 or more times throughout the year. That's because certain species of shrubs grow very quickly and will need to be trimmed often to keep up with their growth.

Non-flowering shrubs can usually be trimmed in the early spring!

To ensure your shrubs are trimmed correctly, you should hire professionals to perform this task.

When it comes to trimming your plants, this is a task that is best left to professionals. That's because professionals will be able to correctly identify what types of shrubs you have on your property, and they'll know exactly when to trim them for the best results. What's more, professionals will also know the proper way to trim your plants to ensure that they don't cause any damage to them. This is important because trimming your plants incorrectly can actually damage them, so don't risk the health of your shrubs and let professionals trim them for you!

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