Our clients in Beaverton, OR contacted us to help them renovate their backyard area. While they have a nice deck that they love spending time on, they weren't happy with the way their yard looked. Half of their backyard consisted of rocks that had stepping stones in them, and the other half was filled with grass that they were tired of taking care of. Once they finally decided it was time to do something about their backyard, they picked up the phone and gave us a call.

When we arrived at their property for the initial consultation, we first took a look at their backyard and then listened to their goals and what they were hoping to achieve. They said that they wanted an aesthetically pleasing backyard, but that they didn't want to have to do a lot of maintenance to keep it looking its best. We decided that it would be best to remove the rocks, stones, and existing grass they had in their yard and replace it with artificial turf. Once we settled on the plan, it was time to get to work!

The first step of the project was to remove their existing grass, prep their yard, and lay down the border.

Stripped out old lawn for new turf install in Beaverton OR.

Our clients had a beautiful backyard space, but their yard consisted of half rocks with stepping stones in them, and the other half was natural grass that they were tired of taking care of. The first step of this project was to remove the rocks, stones, and grass in their yard so that we had a blank canvas to work with. Once all of that was removed, we leveled everything out so that their property was nice and flat. Then, we laid down a base layer to cover all of the spots where the artificial turf was going to be installed. This base layer was to ensure that there would be no dips or valleys that could end up collecting water and cause drainage issues. Once the base layer was down, we laid down a border around the perimeter of their yard. This border defined the area where the artificial turf would go, but still left some space along their fence line so they could keep their landscape bed. Once all of the prep work was complete, it was time to install their artificial turf.

We laid out the artificial turf and cut it to the perfect dimensions.

Cut out for artificial turf area in Beaverton, OR.

Once we finished all of the prep work, it was time to get started with the installation of their artificial turf. First, we laid out the turf so that it covered all of the areas where it would go. Then, we carefully cut it to the perfect dimensions so that it would fit perfectly into their space. Once that was finished, it was time to press it down into place.

We pressed down the turf, added a layer of infill, and brushed up the grass.

Pressed down turf installed in Beaverton, OR.

Once we had their artificial turf laid out and cut, it was time to press it down. We carefully pressed down the turf, ensuring that it was nice and smooth and that you couldn't see any seams. Once it was successfully pressed down, we added a layer of infill to support the grass blades and give them a proper shape. Finally, we brushed up the grass to achieve a natural appearance. Once we were done, our clients were left with a beautiful, low-maintenance backyard that they absolutely loved.

Artificial turf is considered low-maintenance because it doesn't need to be mowed, watered, or receive any type of lawn care service.

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