A number of homeowners in the Gresham, Happy Valley, Troutdale, and surrounding areas think of mowing the lawn as a weekly chore that gets old quick. However, the benefits that come with weekly grass clippings and low-key maintenance on your yard are doing wonders for your outdoor landscape.

Here are five reasons why a regular mowing routine for your lawn is beneficial and important.

#1. Health Benefits for your Lawn

Your grass thrives by going through the process of photosynthesis, which is where green plants take in sunlight and generate food and nutrients from it. Photosynthesis keeps plants, flowers, and grass growing.

When you consistently mow your turf, you are exposing the grass blades to the right amount of sunlight routinely, which helps the grass grow healthier and greener. Additionally, the grass clippings left from your frequent mowing sessions provides added nutrients to your lawn, recycling up to 25% of the nitrogen back into the soil.

What happens when you do not mow your lawn consistently? Photosynthesis slows down tremendously, causing the health of your grass to decline along with it.

#2. Pest Control

Infrequent mowing leads to tall grass growing on your property. When tall grass takes over, it creates a breeding ground for ticks, fleas, and other pests. Lawns in shady areas tend to attract more pests as well, so it is especially important to keep your property well maintained with frequent mowing services.

Weekly mowing will keep grass from growing too tall and take away an important reason for pests to settle onto your turfgrass.

#3. Weed Management

Frequent mowing helps to keep your lawn at just the right height. Depending on the type of grass your lawn has, this could be maintained anywhere between 2"-3" in length. Making sure your lawn stays at this height protects the soil from overexposure from the sun.

What happens when your lawn is cut too short? This is referred to as scalping, and it is the fastest way for disease and weeds to spread across your lawn. Weed seeds are always sitting dormant in your soil, waiting for the right conditions to begin growing. Cutting the lawn too short results in more soil that becomes exposed to the sun, which causes weeds to grow and spread.

Additionally, more weed control treatments will be needed to try to repair your lawn and eliminate weeds. Consistent mowing at the right height will keep weeds at bay and protect your property from lawn disease.

#4. Cosmetics

The most obvious benefit of weekly mowing is the appearance of your lawn. As your yard grows greener, healthier, and thicker, the appearance of your freshly mowed lawn becomes a sight of beauty. With some simple string trimming and edging, your lawn will have a consistently well-manicured appearance that will be the envy of your neighbors and friends.

Having an eye-catching atmosphere also benefits homes that fall under HOAs or businesses looking to make an instant impression on potential customers or clients.

#5. Maintenance Made Easy

Yards that are constantly ignored for weeks at a time can be hard to get back into shape. Consistent, weekly mowing makes your ongoing maintenance easier.

When grass is longer, it takes much longer to mow. It makes your equipment work harder to cut down the longer blades of grass and can sometimes take multiple mows to get it where it needs to be. Going over a lawn more than once, during a single mow, can cause stress on your lawn and leave clumps of grass across your property, which is not appealing.

Sticking to a regimented mowing schedule from spring to fall is the best way to maintain your lawn. Do you find yourself having trouble sticking to a schedule? Hire a local lawn care company in the Gresham, Happy Valley, and Troutdale areas, like J&C Lawn Care, to make maintenance easier for you! We can be reached at (971) 284-2035. Do not let the grass grow rampant when you can use professionals to give your home the curb appeal it deserves all year long.