Warm-season annuals are annual flowers that provide seasonal color when the weather is warm, like in late spring to summer. If you want eye-catching landscape beds during this time, there are 4 excellent warm-seasonal annual flowers that you can consider planting! Marigolds, calendulas, zinnias, and sunflowers are gorgeous annual flowers that will decorate your yard with their vibrant blooms in the warmer seasons. These warm-season annuals need different levels of maintenance, so make sure you consider them before planting them in your landscape beds in Oregon!

1. Marigolds

If you want a warm-season annual flower that will make your landscape beds look warm and cheerful, marigolds are the way to go. This annual flower brings the beauty of sunshine into your landscape through its gorgeous blossoms that can be orange, yellow, gold, or copper. Marigolds attract friendly wildlife, like butterflies, bees, and ladybugs, while their foliage emits an odor that helps deter deer and rabbits. These warm-season annuals can grow from 6 inches to 4 feet tall and as wide as 2 feet.

Marigolds have a no-fuss beauty. They don't need lots of attention and maintenance to thrive! Just plant them where they'll receive full sunlight and in well-draining soil and they're good to go. They can withstand hot summers and tolerate drought, which means you can enjoy their vibrant flowers at the peak of the summer heat!

Marigolds are great companion plants because they help plants next to them flourish!

2. Calendulas

Calendulas are warm-season annuals that are a member of the daisy family. Their yellow or orange flowers that bloom around late spring create a wonderful display of colors and easily cheer up your yard. These warm-season flowers have smooth stems and toothed leaves, growing up to 2 feet tall and wide. Calendulas are easy to care for. They need full sun to thrive but can tolerate partial shade and are not fussy with the type of soil they are planted in. These cheery flowers can grow in poor soil but will flourish if planted in rich soil. Once calendulas are established in your landscape beds, they won't need much upkeep!

3. Zinnias

If you want your landscape bed to be filled with bright colors in the summer, zinnias are the perfect choice. These warm-season annual flowers have big and bright blooms in various colors, like pink, purple, red, orange, and yellow that are worthy of attention. The flowers can have several rows of petals and grow on a single, stiff stem that can reach up to 3 feet, blanketing your landscape beds with bursts of vibrant color!

Zinnias are loved by many because of their low-maintenance beauty. They grow quickly and can limit weed growth, thanks to their large flowers that help block out sunlight for weeds. When you have these warm-season annuals in your landscape beds, you just need to feed them a well-balanced fertilizer treatment once in a while and keep the soil slightly moist. They also love sunlight, so they will grow well under the summer sun.

4. Sunflowers

Sunflowers have a timeless beauty that is simply unmatched. Their large, bright yellow flowers that follow the movement of the sun will cover your landscape and create a radiant parade of color on your property. Sunflowers have tall stems, with some variety reaching up to 15 feet high. They are fast-growing annual flowers and require some maintenance to thrive. First, they need sun - lots of it! If you want them in your landscape beds, make sure they receive full direct sunlight at least 6 hours a day. The soil should also drain well and not be compacted because sunflowers have long roots that need space to stretch. Slow-release granular fertilizers should also be administered to help them stay healthy!

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