Annual flowers offer pops of seasonal color and can make your landscape beds stand out on your property. Fortunately, you can choose from numerous annual flower choices if you want to give your yard a much-needed upgrade! Sweet alyssum, poppies, forget-me-nots, and petunias are excellent cool-season annuals that you can incorporate into your landscape in Oregon. With their distinct flower shapes, colors, and charm, these annual flowers will effortlessly give your landscape beds a boost of color.

1. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum is a cool-season annual that blooms in the spring and fall. It has tiny flowers with four petals that come in white, pink, purple, and grayish-green leaves, creating a charming display of tiny blooms that carpet your landscape beds when they are in full bloom. This cool-season annual grows in mounds and can stand up to 12 inches tall and grow up to 18 inches wide. True to its name, the sweet alyssum flower has a sweet scent that attracts butterflies.

This cool-season flower thrives when it receives full sunlight. Well-draining soils also offer an ideal environment for sweet alyssum flowers, so consider this when planting. To help this cool-season flower flourish, make sure you're fertilizing and watering it regularly.

2. Poppies

Poppies are another cool-season annual flower that can make your landscape beds pop, thanks to the delicate beauty of their crepe-like petals. Poppies come in various colors, like red, white, orange, cream, yellow, and purple, offering your yard a burst of vibrant color. If you want the iconic aesthetic of poppies in your landscape beds, make sure you plant them where they can receive full sun because they love sunshine. They also need to grow in soil with good drainage.

The historic roots of poppies run deep as they are symbols of remembrance to commemorate fallen soldiers from WWI.

3. Forget-Me-Nots

If you want to enjoy two colors in your yard from one flower, forget-me-nots are what you need. Forget-me-nots are cool-season annual flowers that start as pink buds and turn blue as they bloom in full. The cool-season forget-me-not is loved by property owners because of its delightful five-petaled blue flowers that have a mesmerizing yellow or orange center. They can grow up to 2 feet in height and they grow in clusters. Forget-me-nots don't need a lot of care. Grow them under full sun or partial shade in moist and well-draining soil, and they will reward you with their stunning beauty!

4. Petunias

You can also make your landscape beds pop by adding petunias to them. These annuals are an excellent choice because they can bloom from spring to fall. They have trumpet-shaped flowers and, depending on the specific type, can have smooth petals or ruffled ones. Petunias are fast-growing annuals and sport various colors, like blue, pink, red, white, yellow, and purple.

If you want petunias in your landscape beds, make sure they receive full sunlight. The soil should also have good drainage because these flowers don't do well if the soil stays wet for too long. Petunias can also tolerate heat well, so watering them at least once a week would be enough to maintain their health.

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