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Reasons to Remove English Ivy from Your Portland, OR Property

Reasons to Remove English Ivy from Your Portland, OR Property

English ivy plants are evergreen perennials sometimes used as ground covers. They originated in central Asia and were later introduced to the Americas. These plants don't belong on your Portland, OR property, as they can damage the surrounding landscape and pose health issues if touched or consumed.

Our team here at J&C Lawn Care offers English ivy control services for homes located in Portland, OR and other nearby areas like Gresham and Troutdale. Check out these four reasons you should get English ivy removed from your residential property.

1. In Portland, English ivy is an invasive plant species.

Originally from central Asia, English ivy is also native to places in western and southern Europe. However, this plant doesn't belong in the Portland region. It takes away valuable resources from native plants.

Wildlife that relies on native plants can be forced to relocate to other areas, which can affect the natural balance of your landscape's ecosystem.

Don't allow this invasive species to compete with other softscaping on your residential property. Contact our team today and we can implement our English ivy control services.

2. English ivy can climb trees and damage their health.

Though English ivy is commonly seen as a ground cover, it is also known as a climbing vine. When it climbs up your trees, it can damage their health in a couple of different ways.

For one, English ivy can physically restrict the growth of your...

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