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Reasons to Remove English Ivy from Your Portland, OR Property

Reasons to Remove English Ivy from Your Portland, OR Property

English ivy plants are evergreen perennials sometimes used as ground covers. They originated in central Asia and were later introduced to the Americas. These plants don't belong on your Portland, OR property, as they can damage the surrounding landscape and pose health issues if touched or consumed.

Our team here at J&C Lawn Care offers English ivy control services for homes located in Portland, OR and other nearby areas like Gresham and Troutdale. Check out these four reasons you should get English ivy removed from your residential property.

1. In Portland, English ivy is an invasive plant species.

Originally from central Asia, English ivy is also native to places in western and southern Europe. However, this plant doesn't belong in the Portland region. It takes away valuable resources from native plants.

Wildlife that relies on native plants can be forced to relocate to other areas, which can affect the natural balance of your landscape's ecosystem.

Don't allow this invasive species to compete with other softscaping on your residential property. Contact our team today and we can implement our English ivy control services.

2. English ivy can climb trees and damage their health.

Though English ivy is commonly seen as a ground cover, it is also known as a climbing vine. When it climbs up your trees, it can damage their health in a couple of different ways.

For one, English ivy can physically restrict the growth of your...

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4 Rock & Mulch Ground Covers for Your 2020 Portland Landscape

4 Rock & Mulch Ground Covers for Your 2020 Portland Landscape

As we begin the new year, you may want to consider installing ground cover for your landscape. We provide professional rock and mulch installation services for residential and commercial properties in Gresham, Troutdale, and Happy Valley, OR.

Deciding between rock and mulch may be a difficult decision to make. Our team at J&C Lawn Care recommends incorporating both rock and mulch into your property's different landscape beds. This way, you will have a diverse landscape in terms of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Learn about four different rock and mulch ground covers you can use in your 2020 Portland landscape.

1. Columbia River Pea Gravel is great for remediating drainage issues.

Columbia River Pea Gravel is compromised of tiny round stones. These smooth stones come in a variety of colors including rust-brown, white, gray, and light brown. With all of the options available, you won't have any issues finding Columbia River Pea Gravel that will fit with your landscape. They are great for filling in areas around driveways, pathways, stone pavers, and gardens.

While these are stones, they can be used as an effective mulching alternative. They are great for remediating drainage issues, retaining moisture, and keeping weeds out of your landscape.

Columbia River Pea Gravel is relatively easy to install compared to other rock choices. Our team will get this kind of rock installation process completed efficiently so you can get...

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How Spring Fertilization Prepares Your Lawn for Summer

How Spring Fertilization Prepares Your Lawn for Summer

While fertilization is important year-round, it's essential to implement proper fertilization practices, especially in the spring. This way, your lawn can be adequately prepared for the hot summer season in Oregon.

Here at J&C Lawn Care, we use a slow-release fertilizer on your lawn four times a year. This once-per-season schedule gives your lawn the best possible chance at growth. 

We proudly help lawns in Gresham, Troutdale, Happy Valley, and the surrounding areas get ready for the summer months. Here, we'll outline exactly how spring fertilization prepares your lawn for the summer. 

Spring fertilization remediates winter damage. 

During the winter, Oregon experiences average low temperatures in the 11°F to 42°F range. These cold temperatures can cause severe damage to your lawn, including a loss of moisture and freeze damage.

Once spring rolls around, your lawn may be depleted of the nutrients it needs to thrive. Or, it may have brown patches or other bare spots.

By recruiting spring fertilization services, you can effectively remediate winter damage that your lawn has sustained. If this damage is left unaddressed, your lawn will be in even worse shape once the summer season begins. 

A slow-release fertilizer offers the most efficient delivery of nutrients for your lawn.

A well-fertilized lawn in Sunnyside, OR.

Here at J&C Lawn Care, we use a slow-release fertilizer created by Horizon TurfGro. This fertilizer offers the most...

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