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6 Ways You Are Killing Your Lawn

6 Ways You Are Killing Your Lawn

Are the proper precautions being taken when it comes to caring for your lawn? Homeowners in the Happy Valley, Troutdale, Gresham, and surrounding areas have killed their lawn by making simple mistakes. However, by making important adjustments to your lawn care approach or by using a professional lawn care company like J&C Lawn Care, you can see a tremendous difference in your property's appearance.

Here are six ways you might be killing your lawn.

#1: Mowing Your Lawn Too Short

Mowing too short, or scalping your lawn, can cause an abundance of problems for the turf. First, it starves the grass, causing it to turn brown. This happens because the amount of energy obtained by the grass is decreased, which causes photosynthesis to slow down. The result is a weak lawn that becomes more susceptible to stress, insects, and lawn disease. Additionally, the exposed soil creates an inviting condition for weed growth from previously dormant weed seeds.

Make sure you never set your mower to the lowest setting. Never cut your lawn lower than 2.5-3". Weekly mowing at the right height can avoid your scalping issues.

#2: Improper Fertilization and/or Herbicide Usage

Fertilizers and herbicides help your lawn grow better and stronger. Improperly using one or both of these can cause a number of issues for your lawn.

Overusing Fertilizer

Applying too much fertilizer can cause severe problems for the grass on your property. Overusing fertilizer...

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5 Reasons Mowing Your Lawn Is More Important than You Think

5 Reasons Mowing Your Lawn Is More Important than You Think

A number of homeowners in the Happy Valley, Troutdale, Gresham, and surrounding areas think of mowing the lawn as a weekly chore that gets old quick. However, the benefits that come with weekly grass clippings and low-key maintenance on your yard are doing wonders for your outdoor landscape.

Here are five reasons why a regular mowing routine for your lawn is beneficial and important.

#1. Health Benefits for your Lawn

Your grass thrives by going through the process of photosynthesis, which is where green plants take in sunlight and generate food and nutrients from it. Photosynthesis keeps plants, flowers, and grass growing.

When you consistently mow your turf, you are exposing the grass blades to the right amount of sunlight routinely, which helps the grass grow healthier and greener. Additionally, the grass clippings left from your frequent mowing sessions provides added nutrients to your lawn, recycling up to 25% of the nitrogen back into the soil.

What happens when you do not mow your lawn consistently? Photosynthesis slows down tremendously, causing the health of your grass to decline along with it.

#2. Pest Control

Infrequent mowing leads to tall grass growing on your property. When tall grass takes over, it creates a breeding ground for ticks, fleas, and other pests. Lawns in shady areas tend to attract more pests as well, so it is especially important to keep your property well maintained with frequent mowing services.

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